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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gladiator Bike Claw: $10 each from Lowes, $7 ebay

The claw is a great product; you have to practice not having the spokes not go between the claw legs.  They are placed on Gladiator gear track.

The Gladiator Bike Claw retails for $24 (sears sale price)

The Claw retails for more than $25. I would have just bought regular bike hooks for a fraction.

However for $10 a piece....well then!!!

$20 for 2 bike claws.
$48 retail for 2 bike claws. = 58% off.

Update:  9/27/11 I just bought another Claw for my BMX bike. $1 plus $6 shipping from ebay.  It cost more for shipping! The total price ($7) is about 70% off retail!

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