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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Husky Securelock/Versatrack Screws: $5

I was at Home Depot and noticed they sell their version of trackwall screws with their Securelock system. Gladiator Garageworks routinely gets negative reviews on their trackwall screws, so I was wondering if HD's Versatrack/Securetrack screws were an improvement. They come with their own non-stripping star drill bit which is impressive.  

The only real drawback to these screws is the price: $5 for only 32 screws.  I will only be using these on select areas of Gearwall.

Outside of the price,  I have had absolutely no problem with these screws. 100% of the screws went in perfectly with pre-drilling. I cant say that about the wood screws I was using before.

The package. The screws out of the package are Gladiator (Left) and Husky Securelock (Right). The star bit which is included with the screws is on the far right.

Here is a comparison between the Gladiator screw (left side; many reviews complain of stripping) and the Husky Securelock (right side; no stripping due to the star bit).

You can see the difference between the Gladiator screw (bottom) and the much more beefy Husky Securelock screw. I only have a few Gladiator screws which came with the GearKit and have not used any yet. However, the Husky screws are smooth like butter!


  1. Update: I finally used some Gladiator screws on a small piece of track I just installed. I used 6 screws - one of the heads broke just when it became flush with the track. Not a big deal but you can freely rotate the head with a screwdriver. The other screws went in fine. I'd still go with the Husky screws or some other options...

  2. I have used regular cabinet installation screws available from Lowes for installing my Secure Lock system. They have a thin head with a flat shoulder and don't tend to spread the track material like the ones with the flared shoulder. I think they provide better pull-out resistance since the heads are large and flat. Ok if you don't mind black screws on a white track. They come in various lengths (2.5", 3", etc). Drawback is they are Phillips instead of star drive but go in pretty will with my impact driver. They do stand proud of the track, but since they are so thin they don't cause too much issue on placement of attachments.