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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 More Maple Tops: $11.93 each

I was tracking maple tops in the Sacaramento area through Searsoutlet; 1 Clearance top was down to $11.93. Another top was $23. I went to Sears on my lunch break and talked to the manager; he was willing to lower the price of the second top. With another 7% off (Craftsman member), the total cost was $23.90 for 2 Maple tops valued new at $100 each.

Sorry for the crappy pic; I took it with my phone in the trunk of my car right after purchase.

The maple tops were floor models; they have small scratches in some places and one of the corners is chipped. However the chip is not even noticable because it will be hidden once placed on the Geardrawer.  There is also adhesive from the price stickers which is easily scraped away with my thumbnail.

Sears sale price: $95.99 x 2 =  approx. $200 after taxes.
Clearance price: $24
Savings:  88% off

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