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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gearwall Installation: Installing an Outlet Box Extender

Here's my first attempt at creating an opening in Gearwall for an outlet. I followed advice in the instructions that came with the Gladiator Gearwall. I was only moderately satisfied with the result. The adapter for my sprinkler box does not fit well in the recessed outlet. Furthermore, it was a pain trimming the siding to make a frame for the opening because I dont have a chop saw and tried to get the job done with a utility knife. I have 2 more outlets on another wall. My dad suggested an outlet box extender...

 I happened to stumble across an issue of Wood Magazine (I actually found it in a parking lot!) There was a pretty good article on installing slatwall/Gearwall with some great tips. Look at the corner in the pic: box extenders!

So I went to Home Depot…the salesperson was helpful tracking this item down. Only $3.80 for 2 box extenders with screws included. 

The Box Extender: it basically extends the outlet opening into the slatwall/Gearwall.

The installed Box Extender and outlet. I used a Craftsman Multi-tool for the opening. I used a paper template to help with the exact positioning of the opening. It turned out to be perfect. I didn't have to worry too much quality of my cuts because it will be covered by the outlet plate.

Finally…I prefer this much more than the recessed opening…the outlet is solid and looks more 'clean'.

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  1. Thank you.

    I was thinking about this today as I am planning my install of gearwall to replace some gear track. A quick google search found your image that linked me to your page and this is exactly what I was hoping to find!

    Thanks again for posting this.