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Monday, November 7, 2011

GearLoft Shelving: $40 Craigslist, $42 Lowes, $38 Ebay

I have installed  2 shelves, 2 more shelves to go for the whole row. Finding the time to do this is hard because of the infants in the house.

The shelves are great, but installation was more difficult than expected. First of all, the instructions say the track should be 6 inches apart; for this installation, I found it easier for the tracks to be 5.5 inches apart.

I wanted to anchor the track at the ends because the arms would pull the track away slightly, mainly because the studs did not meet at the ends of the track. I decided to use sheet rock toggle anchors and sheet metal screws to solve the problem.

The track and shelves are very secure now.

2 shelves down...2 more to go!!!!

Here are the toggle anchors and sheet metal screws (flat head of course)  I used to anchor the ends of the track wall into the sheet rock.  I bought them from Lowes for a few dollars. They are a easy to install and have a high load bearing capacity.  I wonder why Gladiator does not mention this for installation; Rubbermaid Fastrack uses toggle anchors however.

Looks cool from the underside......

Moreover, if since I have a whole row of shelves with connecting track, I found it easier to slide the shelf in on one end and slide it all the way over. Its difficult/almost impossible to just snap the shelf into the lip of the track, not to mention a real hassle when up high on the ladder!

It was difficult to find GearLoft shelving at a severe discount. Since this is one of the last things I want to do for the garage right now, I just sucked it up.

My craigslist seller sold 2 of them for $40 each. I bought one off of ebay for about 18-19 dollars plus 18 dollars shipping = $38. Lowes had it on sale for $42 one day. I still saved a little money however. $160 vs. $180 Sears sale prices ($45each).

12% off of Sears Sale prices. Boo! :(


  1. Hi Matt,

    I ran into the same issue (installed shelf in the same configuration as you). When GearTrack are 6" apart, the shelf does not secure into the lower GearTrack. Looks like weight is being supported by the brackets on the top GearTrack.

    I re-installed the lower GearTrack 5.5" apart from the top one and the shelf now appears to be mainly supported by the lower GearTrack.

    Can you confirm that you have some lateral movement in the shelf brackets themselves?

  2. Hi,

    I was starting to think that 5.5 inches was because I wasn't measuring right...I had to take the first track off because the shelf was not fitting properly. That was a hassle. So Im glad it worked out for you too!

    Yes there is some lateral movement in the shelf brackets, but I have not had any problems yet, and this has not affected the function of the shelf...

    I think there are other shelf options that may be cheaper and just as effective (e.g. IKEA), however its good to run into some sales and Im glad these shelves worked looks pretty sharp...

  3. I found 5 of these shelves on clearance at Lowe's in College Station for about $38 each plus I used a 10% off coupon from the USPS movers guide so it came out to roughly $189 for all 5, they are awesome to use and look good, plus you can utilize the bottom track to hang up stuff on hooks as well.

  4. Yes they are quite nice. if you look at one of my former posts (scroll down) I used it as a small work station - it really works well as a small table!!!