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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Craftsman Versatrack Bins: $2 ; 80% off!

Who is crazy enough to write a blog post about....small parts bins????

I spent the whole day driving to and from my parents to pick up my dog....on my way I took a break at the Richmond (Oakland) CA Sears Clearance table in the Tools section...

I just purchased Craftsman small parts bins on clearance for $4.47 (retail price - $10.99), and I only paid $2 and change with extra Shop My Way points. Thats almost free to me...

I have been wanting to get a set of these bins just to compare them with Gladiator bins. The bins are compatable with both the Craftsman Versatrack system and the Gladiator Track/Gearwall system.

The dimensions for an individual bin as stated on the box: 4.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches.

Could not pass up this deal with an extra $2 in Shop my Way Points...sometimes its the little things...

The outer dimensions of these bins are roughly the same; however, the inside of the Craftsman bins are larger by about 1/2 an inch in length and width. Depth is the same. I already have noticed a difference with the 1/2 inch advantage when storing slightly larger bottles and objects.

Gladiator bins do have a thicker type of plastic and seem just a little more sturdy although both brands seem very well made for "small parts".

Both bins snap nicely on Gladiator Gearwall

Gladiator bins have indentations on the sides whose purpose I have not figured out yet...they make the sides slightly narrower on the inside but should not really affect function. BTW, Craftsman bins also have a stacking feature.

So what's the verdict: Craftsman Bins or Gladiator? Its a toss up really. If aesthetics play a part in your garage setup, choose the color that goes with your scheme.

One thing to think about: If you have a lot of dark color screws or parts, the Gladiator Grey may be a better option because of the contrast.

If you prefer a thicker, (seemingly more durable?) plastic, I would go with Gladiator. If you want a bin with larger carrying capacity, go with Craftsman.

Price Breakdown:

Sears Retail Price: $10.99
Clearance Price: $4.47 (59% off)
Shop My Way Points: 208 ($2.08)
Final Price plus tax: $2.39.
Approx. 80% off. 

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