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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gladiator Everest White Power Strip: $34. 77% off Retail Prices!

I hit the jackpot on this item because of the Sears Closing at Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo, California. Hillsdale Mall has other mixed-use plans for the retail space such as a bowling alley, movie theatre, smaller retail boutiques. Sears has always been open at Hillsdale since before I was born, so its sad to not only see Sears Hillsdale closing, but massive closings of Sears stores everywhere.

As of 3/22/16, garage storage at Sears Hillsdale is being liquidated at 40% off lowest retail in-store sticker price. No coupons or price matching accepted.

The sales on the Gearboxes were only OK (e.g. 40% off $449), but I held off on pulling the trigger on a few white Garageworks pieces (I wasn't in the spending mood). I thought I would have better chances at finding deals on the white cabs before running into a cheap, Everest White Gladiator Powerstrip.

However, there happened to be a 'returned', discounted white Powerstrip sitting on the back wall during the Sears Liquidation.

The powerstrip has a lot of heft, and the switch has a seemingly durable clear, rubber covering which is a nice touch.

Looks pretty cool. Not only is it a great powerstrip, it also functions as a great backsplash barrier between the bench and the wall. The only drawback: The strip does not sit flush against the wall because of the extruding power cord on the back.

I wish my outlet was not directly on top of the powerstrip. Oh well...

The powerstrip comes with two caddies to fit on the sides if you have the 8 foot bench. If you do not want to mount them on the sides, they fit on Gladiator GearTrack or GearWall.

Upon inspection, it was brand new and never removed from its open box, and had been marked down to $72. With 40% off, the price went down to $43. I had $13 in Shop My Way Rewards points. My final price including tax: $34.

Price Breakdown: 

Retail price: $150 from various retailers 
Sears sale price: $108 on 3/24/16

$71 "Used" Closeout Price.
$43 after 40% off from Sears Hillsdale Mall Liquidation
$13 to redeem via Sears Shop My Way Rewards Points
FINAL PRICE: $34 tax included
77% off retail prices
69% off Sears sale price. 

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  1. can't wait to see the 1-car garage in white!