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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gear Wall Installation

I just starting working on my GearWall summer project. I just installed 4 panels.  We have a 2 car garage and another 1 car garage.  I have 4 other panels already installed in our 1car garage (see old pics). 

I purchased the GearWall for only $26 a box (see old posts) earlier this year.  10 more panels to go....

I had to remove some GearTrack (see old photos) and cut 1 foot off the original 8 foot long panel to fit.

The Gear Wall definately has more storage capability than Gear Track.

I was just playing around when hanging my stuff up; I'll move stuff around as needed...


  1. Looks great! I bought a 2pack of the 4ft gear wall on sale and it's hanging over my workbench. I would love to get the 8ft sections.


  2. I have quite a few more pieces of gearwall to hang. its taking some time because of plate switches and pipes sticking out of the wall. I have to create templates out of cardboard and cut with a multi-tool Cant wait to get this done, take pics and show you later!

  3. Thanks for your posts, Matt. Been scouring the interweb for Gladiator sales, and this one was the steepest discount I found:

    51% off Gladiator GAWG24G4XG 24 in. Wallbox Solutions Pack
    FREE Shipping

    Seems like it must be a pretty good deal, since I saw another site with it on clearance (linked to by, which always has extremely low prices), and that was only about $30 cheaper but didn't include free shipping. Anyway, not the extreme deal you typically talk about but who knows, maybe this is the last piece to your garage wall puzzle...

  4. Hey thanks for your post. Those 'extreme deals' that I (as well as others) have run into requires some luck. After reading slickdeals and seeing how many people visit this site, as well as other 'deal' sites, more and more people are hitting up searsoutlet, craigslist etc. so it may be more difficult to score something 70-90% off.