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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Gladiator All Season Gear Closet: $266 tax included!!!!

Hey Everyone! Its been a while. The garage is just about all filled up and pretty much done. Here's another on the pics to enlarge...

A section of our garage was getting cluttered with kids and adult jackets being hung up on the GearWall. Our house also does not have a formal mudroom or entry for hanging coats or even shoes. Closet space is limited! Here is one solution - the All Season Gear Closet.

To mount the cabinet on the wall,  I used a Gladiator RTA cabinet bracket which I purchased a few years ago for $5 clearance at Lowes. It will require two people to lift the cabinet for installation. It worked out very nice.  I'm glad I swiped up the bracket (reg. $20+) for future use!

ALL of our jackets fit nicely inside the GearCloset. It really helped to tidy up the entire garage. Nice place to store bike helmets and shopping bags too. The GearCloset has a few options for placing the hanging rod. Shelves are adjustable. Cabinet assembly is very manageable with basic tools.

The GearCloset really clears closet space inside the house. 36 inches wide, 66 inches tall, 24 inches deep. The cabinet is massive. I feel it is more than sturdy enough for household and garage use.

That being said, many people ask "Is Gladiator Premiere better than Ready-To-Assemble?" So far, in my opinion, for my general household use, the two are comparable function-wise although you will enjoy a better build quality (especially with the 5 drawer Gearbox which is awesome) with the Premiere Series. The majority of cabinets in my two garages are Premiere series. The metal is thicker with the Premiere Series; they are also manufactured in the USA if that matters to you.  The GearCloset is my first large RTA cabinet - the doors work just as well, and have the same feel as my Premiere cabs and overall it exceeds expectations - it is the only cabinet designed for hanging clothing items that I have seen so far.  

Sears regular price: $349
$280 Sears Sale Price (ended 1/31/17); $303 with tax
My price: $266  tax included and after Sears points redemption. 
Store pick up = Free Shipping.
24% off Sears regular price.
12% off Sears sales prices.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Craftsman Versatrack Bins: $2 ; 80% off!

Who is crazy enough to write a blog post about....small parts bins????

I spent the whole day driving to and from my parents to pick up my dog....on my way I took a break at the Richmond (Oakland) CA Sears Clearance table in the Tools section...

I just purchased Craftsman small parts bins on clearance for $4.47 (retail price - $10.99), and I only paid $2 and change with extra Shop My Way points. Thats almost free to me...

I have been wanting to get a set of these bins just to compare them with Gladiator bins. The bins are compatable with both the Craftsman Versatrack system and the Gladiator Track/Gearwall system.

The dimensions for an individual bin as stated on the box: 4.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches.

Could not pass up this deal with an extra $2 in Shop my Way Points...sometimes its the little things...

The outer dimensions of these bins are roughly the same; however, the inside of the Craftsman bins are larger by about 1/2 an inch in length and width. Depth is the same. I already have noticed a difference with the 1/2 inch advantage when storing slightly larger bottles and objects.

Gladiator bins do have a thicker type of plastic and seem just a little more sturdy although both brands seem very well made for "small parts".

Both bins snap nicely on Gladiator Gearwall

Gladiator bins have indentations on the sides whose purpose I have not figured out yet...they make the sides slightly narrower on the inside but should not really affect function. BTW, Craftsman bins also have a stacking feature.

So what's the verdict: Craftsman Bins or Gladiator? Its a toss up really. If aesthetics play a part in your garage setup, choose the color that goes with your scheme.

One thing to think about: If you have a lot of dark color screws or parts, the Gladiator Grey may be a better option because of the contrast.

If you prefer a thicker, (seemingly more durable?) plastic, I would go with Gladiator. If you want a bin with larger carrying capacity, go with Craftsman.

Price Breakdown:

Sears Retail Price: $10.99
Clearance Price: $4.47 (59% off)
Shop My Way Points: 208 ($2.08)
Final Price plus tax: $2.39.
Approx. 80% off. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gladiator Everest White Power Strip: $34. 77% off Retail Prices!

I hit the jackpot on this item because of the Sears Closing at Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo, California. Hillsdale Mall has other mixed-use plans for the retail space such as a bowling alley, movie theatre, smaller retail boutiques. Sears has always been open at Hillsdale since before I was born, so its sad to not only see Sears Hillsdale closing, but massive closings of Sears stores everywhere.

As of 3/22/16, garage storage at Sears Hillsdale is being liquidated at 40% off lowest retail in-store sticker price. No coupons or price matching accepted.

The sales on the Gearboxes were only OK (e.g. 40% off $449), but I held off on pulling the trigger on a few white Garageworks pieces (I wasn't in the spending mood). I thought I would have better chances at finding deals on the white cabs before running into a cheap, Everest White Gladiator Powerstrip.

However, there happened to be a 'returned', discounted white Powerstrip sitting on the back wall during the Sears Liquidation.

The powerstrip has a lot of heft, and the switch has a seemingly durable clear, rubber covering which is a nice touch.

Looks pretty cool. Not only is it a great powerstrip, it also functions as a great backsplash barrier between the bench and the wall. The only drawback: The strip does not sit flush against the wall because of the extruding power cord on the back.

I wish my outlet was not directly on top of the powerstrip. Oh well...

The powerstrip comes with two caddies to fit on the sides if you have the 8 foot bench. If you do not want to mount them on the sides, they fit on Gladiator GearTrack or GearWall.

Upon inspection, it was brand new and never removed from its open box, and had been marked down to $72. With 40% off, the price went down to $43. I had $13 in Shop My Way Rewards points. My final price including tax: $34.

Price Breakdown: 

Retail price: $150 from various retailers 
Sears sale price: $108 on 3/24/16

$71 "Used" Closeout Price.
$43 after 40% off from Sears Hillsdale Mall Liquidation
$13 to redeem via Sears Shop My Way Rewards Points
FINAL PRICE: $34 tax included
77% off retail prices
69% off Sears sale price. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Gladiator Everest White 5 Drawer Gearbox: $191 after points!!!!

Hi Everyone

I cant believe its been a whole entire year since the last post! Happy New Year...

I thought I was going to be done with Matt's Garage Blog for quite a while. However ...

We have a 2nd garage that needs to be turned into a more 'arts and crafts' space....more family oriented. For the past few years this one-car garage has mainly been used for storage. I do already have a 6 foot Gladiator Bench from my original set-up ready to go....

I was originally thinking of staying away from the Gladiator line and putting in kitchen cabinets or cheaper MDF garage cabinets, but after thinking and thinking about it, if I could find at least one great deal on a GLADIATOR EVEREST WHITE cab, it would provide me with motivation to do the whole set-up.

I know that Gladiator introduced the Everest White Select Series line about 1-1.5 years ago; they are about 25-30% more expensive than the traditional grey treadplate design.

I am not expecting to come across a lot of deals and may have to buy these pieces when on sale at our retail stores (Sears, Home Depot). However, I did hit the jackpot on a Everest White 5 Drawer Gearbox BRAND NEW, IN BOX for $220. I had $44 dollars in points and used a Sears credit card, which bought the total cost (plus tax) down to $191. Check it out:

The white finish is more like an extremely light grey. Notice the smooth finish on the drawers (compared to the treadplate on the traditional grey versions). Pretty slick, right?

I got this sucker brand new, in box, wrapped in plastic, never removed from the box. The cheapest I have ever seen these gearboxes for was $175 USED. This was a Sears Closeout item. I have been noticing that Sears has downsized their Everest White in-store display. What gives???

Price breakdown:

Home depot sale cost at 20% off: $429
My Sears Closeout price after taxes and Shop My Way points: $191
Final Score: 55% off retail sale price. Not bad, for a brand new, in-box hard-to-find item.

I have been at this game for a while, and am pretty sure Whirlpool and Sears etc. has not made too much money off of me. I may just play lazy and buy the 3 or 4 items I need via retail sales.

Anyway, if your are Slickdealing or Craigslisting, or wheeling and dealing for that next Gladiator find, Good luck!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Gladiator Loop Hooks and Craftsman Screwdrivers

Happy New Year...!

A few years ago I bought these Gladiator screwdriver holders on Ebay  (I forgot exactly how much) - probably around $10 including shipping. They currently are sold at Sears for $9.27. I put them away and almost forgot about them until...

My wife gave me some new Craftsman screwdrivers for Christmas. Lucky me. Time to put them on the Gearwall...

Pros: You get to display your cool screwdrivers which are readily available above your workbench when you need them. It will make you feel like you know what your'e doing with tools even if your'e a novice homeowner like me.

Cons:  You have to give your screwdrivers plenty of overhead clearance so they dont hit the object directly above (e.g. wall cabinet) when you lift the screwdriver up and out of the holder. I have approximately 20 inches above my workbench and less if you include the Powerstrip.  I can not put the longer screwdrivers in the holders unless I want to take the holder off the track which is kind of dumb. Moreover, do you really want to display your nice tools out in the open?

BTW, these classic Craftsman screwdrivers are real nice.  I have the 17 piece set which you can buy new for $20 or less when on sale at Sears. I dont know about Husky and Lowes' similar products, but these are Made in the USA and have nice, sturdy feel. I cant wait to use them!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Random Gladiator Swag

Because I have been searching for Gladiator deals on ebay and everywhere, I will occasionally come across some random promo items not available to the public. If the price is right I will buy; I managed to get these gems for only a few bucks. If you have any wierd Garageworks items, tell me about it...send some pics...


Patch and Multi-Tool for size comparison

Folded Gladiator Multi Tool. 2.5 inches closed. A very small item. You can buy a non-branded one on e-bay for 2-3 dollars. I think I paid $5. Almost too small to be functional. Almost too big to be part of a keychain.  

Open Gladiator Multi Tool at 4 inches long. The flashlight is a nice touch. Once again, it is very small. I keep it in a pouch in my backpack. The e-bay seller told me he was an employee for Whirlpool and it was a promo item he received.

Gladiator patch from e-bay. I think I paid $2-3 dollars for this. The seller specialized in racing-type patches and I'd like to think this was supposed to be a part of Gladiator sponsored racing outfit...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Craftsman Versatrack Small Wire Bin: $1

A lot of people ask this question:

Do Craftsman Versatrack or Husky Securelock accessories fit on Gladiator track???

Answer: YES - Versatrack/Securelock accessories do fit on Gladiator track. However, Gladiator accessories DO NOT fit on Versatrack rail. Try them out at your local Sears.

I ran into this Versatrack wire container at my local on-line auction for only $1. Home Depot sells the exact same item under their Securelock brand. Although I dont really need it, I couldnt pass up the opportunity to write another review...

BEFORE: I stored dog waste bags and leash in Gladiator bins. A little small for this purpose.

AFTER: Craftsman small wire bin fits perfectly on the track. Much preferred for my dog gear.

Versatrack accessories are great additional options; some designs (such as this small wire bin) are unique to the Versatrack line. Quality is on par with Gladiator hooks and accessories. Versatrack/Securelock items have tightening knob mechanisms to secure the hook/basket in place which is a nice touch but in many cases not even necessary because they sit tight and secure on the Gladiator track.

Craftsman Small Wire Bin
Retail: $14.99 (Sears)
Sale Price: $11.99
My Price: $1 (local online auction)
approximately 93% off Retail prices

Saturday, August 9, 2014

One More 30 inch Premiere Cabinet: $31

My in-laws are coming and an extra TV is needed in the house. Plus, I found a mouse in the garage and just want things closed up and put away in cabinets. All real good excuses to hunt for another cabinet...right???

On my local (Sacramento) on-line auction site I bought a returned 30 inch wall cabinet for only $31 after taxes and auction fees.  I just picked it up after work.

The cabinet came with a small dent on the front at the bottom  - I plan to hammer it out some day with a finishing hammer no problem. Otherwise in new condition....Although not perfect, Im happy with it.


AFTER with 30 inch cabinet

Because of the Gearwall I was able to take off the shelf and pop in the cabinet in about a minute or two...having a track/gearwall system makes it real easy to move things around and add to your set-up.

I actually like the TV on the wall, but its just not being used. Plus when sitting on the shelf, I am unable to tilt the viewing angle down, so the picture is best when only when standing and viewing it head-on. I do not want to mount the TV. Also, when in the middle of the summer and winter, the TV is exposed to some severe temperatures, so maybe its better inside...things to think about if you want a TV in your garage...

Here's a run-down of Gladiator 30 inch Premiere Cabinet prices:

Sears Sale Price: $99 plus tax New (sale occurs a few times a year)
Retail Price: $159+ New
Craigslist used prices: $75+ Used
My OnLine Auction Price: $31 New Return/scratch and dent

80%+ off retail
65% off Sears Sale prices

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just about done...

Im just about done with the floor and the entire garage....I just have to put on some finishing touches and install a few pieces of tile. It's getting close to the end!

THANKS to the awesome on-line friends I have met on Slickdeals and GarageJournal, including:

Dan H.

You guys helped to keep me going...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Gladiator Drain Tile (Free Flow): $10 for 4 tiles.

I only have 60 tiles to go.

At, they have a sale (as of 2/2014) on Gladiator Silver Drain tile: 4 tiles for $10 ($2.50 per tile), usually around $20. Racedeck sells a similar, totally compatible item for approx. $3 a tile. Initially I wanted a solid tile floor, but finding the last 1-2 boxes at a discount was making me impatient. I think I have done well so far with $1500 worth of tile for less than $500.

Many reviewers at really like their FreeFlow tile better than solid tiles, so Im willing to give it a try.  Im not sure how it will look when I set it all up, but I think the design looks good 'on paper'. My tiles arrive later this week, free shipping...

40 Gladiator Drain Tiles: $100 ($95 after signing up for's email)
Retail: $200.
50% off retail prices.

UPDATE 2/8/14: Check it out...almost done!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Garage Tile Score so far....$1.37 per tile!!!

I started staking out deals on Gladiator Tile since the Spring of 2013 and have been looking and looking to see how cheap I can get this premium garage tile. I knew this was going to be tough...

My criteria: not more than $100 (including shipping) per box of 48 tiles using any means necessary including: Searsoutlet, on-line auctions, credit card rewards, Shop My Way Points.  After I scored some serious deals, I wanted to see if I could get the entire floor for  $700 or less.

These tiles have been getting more and more expensive over the past 2-3 years.  

So far I am hovering around $500, and my floor is about 85% done. Quite a few boxes are store returns or overstocks, however all the tiles were pretty much in new, perfect condition (well...except for maybe 2 tiles).

So Far: approximately $483 vs. Retail: $1455
Approx. 67% off retail prices.

Here's the breakdown:

Box 1: $65 (TGW Auctions in Sacramento) 
Retail: $200 for 48 tiles of SILVER

Box 2: $70 (TGW Auctions in Sacramento) 
Retail: $200 for 48 tiles of CHARCOAL

Box 3: $100 (Searsoutlet: $60 + $40 shipping from Sears in Missouri) 
Retail: $200 for 48 tiles of SILVER

Box 4: $95  (Searsoutlet:  $20 + $65 shipping from Sears in New York) 
Retail: $200 for 48 tiles of SILVER

Box 5: $42  (TGW auctions in Sacramento) 
Retail: $200 for 48 tiles of CHARCOAL
Box 6: $56  (after discount via credit card rewards)
Retail: $200 for 48 tiles of CHARCOAL

Box 7: $15  (Searsoutlet:  $28 - $28 SYWR points + $15 shipping from Sears in Miami)
Retail: $100 for 24 tiles of WHITE

Box 8: $30  (Searsoutlet $28 - $10 SYWR points + $15 shipping from Sears in Miami)
Retail: $100 for 24 tiles of WHITE

Box 9: $56  (RL Auctions in Sacramento)
Retail: $200 for 48 tiles of CHARCOAL

Additional Tiles:
3 boxes of 4 tiles (12 tiles total) for $5.31 with Sears Coupons and SYWR points. 
Retail: $17-20 per box of 4 tiles: approx. $55.

1 box (4 tiles) to go! 

I am buying the tile when I see the deals pop up, so I cant be too choosy about the design. Here's what it will probably look like. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gladiator Bottle Opener: $3.97, or FREE with SYWR points

Look what I stumbled across: Gladiator Bottle Opener: Free with my SYWR points

There were quite a few on sale/"Reduced" for $3.97 at my local Sears (Sacramento).  A discontinued item. 

Do I really need one? No. I have bottle openers in the kitchen. But if its free...yes. 

You can put a bin beneath to catch your caps. I still have to try it, but Im out of beer.

It was wierd to just go up to the cashier, redeem points and not even have to take my wallet out...

Retail Prices: $9.53 Amazon, $7.73 ABT.
My price: $3.97 in points = free.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gladiator Gearbox: $137 after SWYR points, Credit Card Rewards, Sears offers. PLUS $155 back in points and cash rewards.

Sears had the Gladiator Gearbox on sale for only $199.99 during Black Friday.

I was able to cut down on the price even more.  I was happy with the space under the bench for my vacuum and stool; I was not planning on purchasing this unless I saw an unbeatable deal...I guess this is it....

My Final Score: 

I pay:

$199.99 (Gearbox sale price)

 - $10 (extra discount from using my sears credit card) 
- $45 (Amex and Sears credit card reward gift cards) 
- 18 (Shop My Way Points) 
+ $14 (tax)
= approximately $140 from my checking account

I get back: 

$13 (10% SYWR points) 

+ $120 (Craftsman Tool of the Month*) 
+ $20 (10% cash back ebates offer deal)
= $153 back in SWYR and ebates cash.

Plus, I had an extra maple top that I purchased at Sears on clearance for $12.93 (see older post).

* by making this purchase, I am enrolled in the Craftsman Tool of the Month Club which awards me $10 every month in Shop My Way points for a year.

Monday, November 25, 2013

3 Years Later: More Gearwall Installation

Its been 3 years since I started on my garage...

Finally! I finished installing the last 3 boxes of Gearwall this weekend. I wanted to do this over the summer, but hey...

 If you are planning to install some Gearwall or track, make sure you have a good level.

 I have to route the TV wiring behind the cabinets which shouldn't take too long...

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gladiator Design Studio

Here's my garage (more or less)  on the Gladiator Design Studio to help conceptualize the layout.

 Update: 12/10/13: Here's the garage after the install:


The program has its quirks (e.g. you cant hang the tall cabinets;  RTA cabs with casters?) it's fun to use and gives you a pretty good estimation of what your garage may look like.

Top down view...

Of course all of the products you use have to be Gladiator brand. Craftsman used to have own garage design tool too...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gearwall Installation: Installing an Outlet Box Extender

Here's my first attempt at creating an opening in Gearwall for an outlet. I followed advice in the instructions that came with the Gladiator Gearwall. I was only moderately satisfied with the result. The adapter for my sprinkler box does not fit well in the recessed outlet. Furthermore, it was a pain trimming the siding to make a frame for the opening because I dont have a chop saw and tried to get the job done with a utility knife. I have 2 more outlets on another wall. My dad suggested an outlet box extender...

 I happened to stumble across an issue of Wood Magazine (I actually found it in a parking lot!) There was a pretty good article on installing slatwall/Gearwall with some great tips. Look at the corner in the pic: box extenders!

So I went to Home Depot…the salesperson was helpful tracking this item down. Only $3.80 for 2 box extenders with screws included. 

The Box Extender: it basically extends the outlet opening into the slatwall/Gearwall.

The installed Box Extender and outlet. I used a Craftsman Multi-tool for the opening. I used a paper template to help with the exact positioning of the opening. It turned out to be perfect. I didn't have to worry too much quality of my cuts because it will be covered by the outlet plate.

Finally…I prefer this much more than the recessed opening…the outlet is solid and looks more 'clean'.