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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Gladiator All Season Gear Closet: $266 tax included!!!!

Hey Everyone! Its been a while. The garage is just about all filled up and pretty much done. Here's another on the pics to enlarge...

A section of our garage was getting cluttered with kids and adult jackets being hung up on the GearWall. Our house also does not have a formal mudroom or entry for hanging coats or even shoes. Closet space is limited! Here is one solution - the All Season Gear Closet.

To mount the cabinet on the wall,  I used a Gladiator RTA cabinet bracket which I purchased a few years ago for $5 clearance at Lowes. It will require two people to lift the cabinet for installation. It worked out very nice.  I'm glad I swiped up the bracket (reg. $20+) for future use!

ALL of our jackets fit nicely inside the GearCloset. It really helped to tidy up the entire garage. Nice place to store bike helmets and shopping bags too. The GearCloset has a few options for placing the hanging rod. Shelves are adjustable. Cabinet assembly is very manageable with basic tools.

The GearCloset really clears closet space inside the house. 36 inches wide, 66 inches tall, 24 inches deep. The cabinet is massive. I feel it is more than sturdy enough for household and garage use.

That being said, many people ask "Is Gladiator Premiere better than Ready-To-Assemble?" So far, in my opinion, for my general household use, the two are comparable function-wise although you will enjoy a better build quality (especially with the 5 drawer Gearbox which is awesome) with the Premiere Series. The majority of cabinets in my two garages are Premiere series. The metal is thicker with the Premiere Series; they are also manufactured in the USA if that matters to you.  The GearCloset is my first large RTA cabinet - the doors work just as well, and have the same feel as my Premiere cabs and overall it exceeds expectations - it is the only cabinet designed for hanging clothing items that I have seen so far.  

Sears regular price: $349
$280 Sears Sale Price (ended 1/31/17); $303 with tax
My price: $266  tax included and after Sears points redemption. 
Store pick up = Free Shipping.
24% off Sears regular price.
12% off Sears sales prices.

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