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Saturday, August 9, 2014

One More 30 inch Premiere Cabinet: $31

My in-laws are coming and an extra TV is needed in the house. Plus, I found a mouse in the garage and just want things closed up and put away in cabinets. All real good excuses to hunt for another cabinet...right???

On my local (Sacramento) on-line auction site I bought a returned 30 inch wall cabinet for only $31 after taxes and auction fees.  I just picked it up after work.

The cabinet came with a small dent on the front at the bottom  - I plan to hammer it out some day with a finishing hammer no problem. Otherwise in new condition....Although not perfect, Im happy with it.


AFTER with 30 inch cabinet

Because of the Gearwall I was able to take off the shelf and pop in the cabinet in about a minute or two...having a track/gearwall system makes it real easy to move things around and add to your set-up.

I actually like the TV on the wall, but its just not being used. Plus when sitting on the shelf, I am unable to tilt the viewing angle down, so the picture is best when only when standing and viewing it head-on. I do not want to mount the TV. Also, when in the middle of the summer and winter, the TV is exposed to some severe temperatures, so maybe its better inside...things to think about if you want a TV in your garage...

Here's a run-down of Gladiator 30 inch Premiere Cabinet prices:

Sears Sale Price: $99 plus tax New (sale occurs a few times a year)
Retail Price: $159+ New
Craigslist used prices: $75+ Used
My OnLine Auction Price: $31 New Return/scratch and dent

80%+ off retail
65% off Sears Sale prices

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