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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Craftsman Versatrack Small Wire Bin: $1

A lot of people ask this question:

Do Craftsman Versatrack or Husky Securelock accessories fit on Gladiator track???

Answer: YES - Versatrack/Securelock accessories do fit on Gladiator track. However, Gladiator accessories DO NOT fit on Versatrack rail. Try them out at your local Sears.

I ran into this Versatrack wire container at my local on-line auction for only $1. Home Depot sells the exact same item under their Securelock brand. Although I dont really need it, I couldnt pass up the opportunity to write another review...

BEFORE: I stored dog waste bags and leash in Gladiator bins. A little small for this purpose.

AFTER: Craftsman small wire bin fits perfectly on the track. Much preferred for my dog gear.

Versatrack accessories are great additional options; some designs (such as this small wire bin) are unique to the Versatrack line. Quality is on par with Gladiator hooks and accessories. Versatrack/Securelock items have tightening knob mechanisms to secure the hook/basket in place which is a nice touch but in many cases not even necessary because they sit tight and secure on the Gladiator track.

Craftsman Small Wire Bin
Retail: $14.99 (Sears)
Sale Price: $11.99
My Price: $1 (local online auction)
approximately 93% off Retail prices

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