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Monday, November 24, 2014

Random Gladiator Swag

Because I have been searching for Gladiator deals on ebay and everywhere, I will occasionally come across some random promo items not available to the public. If the price is right I will buy; I managed to get these gems for only a few bucks. If you have any wierd Garageworks items, tell me about it...send some pics...


Patch and Multi-Tool for size comparison

Folded Gladiator Multi Tool. 2.5 inches closed. A very small item. You can buy a non-branded one on e-bay for 2-3 dollars. I think I paid $5. Almost too small to be functional. Almost too big to be part of a keychain.  

Open Gladiator Multi Tool at 4 inches long. The flashlight is a nice touch. Once again, it is very small. I keep it in a pouch in my backpack. The e-bay seller told me he was an employee for Whirlpool and it was a promo item he received.

Gladiator patch from e-bay. I think I paid $2-3 dollars for this. The seller specialized in racing-type patches and I'd like to think this was supposed to be a part of Gladiator sponsored racing outfit...

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