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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Gladiator Loop Hooks and Craftsman Screwdrivers

Happy New Year...!

A few years ago I bought these Gladiator screwdriver holders on Ebay  (I forgot exactly how much) - probably around $10 including shipping. They currently are sold at Sears for $9.27. I put them away and almost forgot about them until...

My wife gave me some new Craftsman screwdrivers for Christmas. Lucky me. Time to put them on the Gearwall...

Pros: You get to display your cool screwdrivers which are readily available above your workbench when you need them. It will make you feel like you know what your'e doing with tools even if your'e a novice homeowner like me.

Cons:  You have to give your screwdrivers plenty of overhead clearance so they dont hit the object directly above (e.g. wall cabinet) when you lift the screwdriver up and out of the holder. I have approximately 20 inches above my workbench and less if you include the Powerstrip.  I can not put the longer screwdrivers in the holders unless I want to take the holder off the track which is kind of dumb. Moreover, do you really want to display your nice tools out in the open?

BTW, these classic Craftsman screwdrivers are real nice.  I have the 17 piece set which you can buy new for $20 or less when on sale at Sears. I dont know about Husky and Lowes' similar products, but these are Made in the USA and have nice, sturdy feel. I cant wait to use them!

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  1. Welcome back! Many of us have been inspired by your blog. Please keep posting to it.

    I started a garage project. Two walls so far and everything was bought from Sears outlet or craigslist. Thanks for all your great tips.