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Monday, November 25, 2013

3 Years Later: More Gearwall Installation

Its been 3 years since I started on my garage...

Finally! I finished installing the last 3 boxes of Gearwall this weekend. I wanted to do this over the summer, but hey...

 If you are planning to install some Gearwall or track, make sure you have a good level.

 I have to route the TV wiring behind the cabinets which shouldn't take too long...


  1. Very jealous man. I will get a TV in mine one day, but I'm figuring out how to re-arrange a few things.

  2. Hi Wes, its been 3 years and Im still chipping away at this....Ive been procrastinating on the gearwall install because of the outlets and pipes...pretty easy in retrospect. Its crazy trying to wait until something goes on sale or run across a good deal but fun. Happy Holidays!