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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gladiator Bottle Opener: $3.97, or FREE with SYWR points

Look what I stumbled across: Gladiator Bottle Opener: Free with my SYWR points

There were quite a few on sale/"Reduced" for $3.97 at my local Sears (Sacramento).  A discontinued item. 

Do I really need one? No. I have bottle openers in the kitchen. But if its free...yes. 

You can put a bin beneath to catch your caps. I still have to try it, but Im out of beer.

It was wierd to just go up to the cashier, redeem points and not even have to take my wallet out...

Retail Prices: $9.53 Amazon, $7.73 ABT.
My price: $3.97 in points = free.

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