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Monday, February 3, 2014

Gladiator Drain Tile (Free Flow): $10 for 4 tiles.

I only have 60 tiles to go.

At, they have a sale (as of 2/2014) on Gladiator Silver Drain tile: 4 tiles for $10 ($2.50 per tile), usually around $20. Racedeck sells a similar, totally compatible item for approx. $3 a tile. Initially I wanted a solid tile floor, but finding the last 1-2 boxes at a discount was making me impatient. I think I have done well so far with $1500 worth of tile for less than $500.

Many reviewers at really like their FreeFlow tile better than solid tiles, so Im willing to give it a try.  Im not sure how it will look when I set it all up, but I think the design looks good 'on paper'. My tiles arrive later this week, free shipping...

40 Gladiator Drain Tiles: $100 ($95 after signing up for's email)
Retail: $200.
50% off retail prices.

UPDATE 2/8/14: Check it out...almost done!

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