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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Maple Top for Geardrawer: $35

I purchased a Maple Top from a Searsoutlet in Missouri for only $15, plus $20 shipping. Although the salesperson said the item was in practically new condition, I was wondering what condition it would be in....

Although the Searsoutlet states that it does not ship, it may be worth it to call the store. Some managers  will arrange shipping. I was lucky that day...

 Because this item was marked down 88%, it was worth paying $20 for shipping costs.

One thing that they dont mention in product descriptions is the NICE varnish on the top.  Check out the reflection of the cup on the workbench....

I am pretty satisfied with this top - it came with one small dent in the back, and one small scratch on the side. I'll take it for $36 though! Its better than paying $100+ retail!!!!!

Sears Retail Price: $117. Amazon Price: $123.

My Searsoutlet price: $15 plus $20 shipping:  $36 after taxes

Approximately 70% off retail!!!!


  1. Re-purposing drawers should be very much encouraged to every garage. It will help owners save money in buying new one and will also help lessen the trash.

  2. I totally agree; buying all this stuff new would be a waste of money. A lot of repurposed drawers I see on Craigslist dont meet my criteria, so thats why I went all out to hunt down my cabinets. Just about everything except 2 cabinets have been bought clearance, second-hand or drastic sale.