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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gear Kit: $3.68....84% off!

Score! High above in the rafters at Lowes, I noticed that 2 packages of GearKit were not being purchased. They were on Clearance for about $15 a month ago. Many Lowes items drop in price if they are on Clearance and not being purchased....

So I waited...and waited...

And then I asked a salesperson to get her lift and check the price...$3.68 per box.

One Gear Kit includes:
  • (1) 32 inch Gear Track Channel
  • (1) Tool Hook
  • (1) Utility Hook
  • (1) Scoop Hook
  • (1) Small Item Bin
  • (2) End Caps
  • (2) J Hooks
  • (6) Color Matched Screws

  • For 8 items, that works out to be about 46 cents per item.

    My Clearance Price: $3.68
    Approx. 84% off retail!!!


    1. Great score Matt, especially when you break out what all comes with it. When they charge about $10 for a hook alone it's an awesome score. I've got 7 in the last few months alone, cheapest I ever got was $7.86 I believe.


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