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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bamboo top for RTA cab: $20 (plus extra materials)

I wanted to install butcher block on my RTA cabinets.  Gladiator makes pre-fab bamboo toppers for about $80 (Amazon).  That means I would pay $160 for 2 cabinets. Thats a lot of $$$.

Through Searsoutlet, I found a 6 foot bamboo workbench top at Sears on clearance for $40. This would get me 2 bamboo tops...exactly what I need.

Moreover, Gladiator tops are .75 inches thick.  Not bad, however my Craftsman workbench top is twice the thickness (1.5 inches!)

My Craftsman circular saw and Diablo 60 tooth blade:

My rig: 2 clamps and a metal straight edge bar as a guide for the circular saw:

The blade made a very smooth cut!!!

The (almost) final result:

I think the sheer weight of the top makes the entire cabinet feel even more sturdy and solid.  Very nice.

Next step: lots of sanding and then application of Tung Oil and a coat of polyurethane. The internet has provided a lot of helpful tips. Stay tuned!

Craftsman 6 foot bamboo top on Clearance: $40
2 Gladiator tops for RTA cabinets; $160.

75% off retail, however I had to purchase the saw blade and still have to buy Tung oil and Polyurethane which will add to the cost, but its a fun project. I think I will make a cutting board for the kitchen with the left over 20x24 scrap. 


  1. Hey Matt. Another great find for you! Did you find this on or a b&m sears store? I'm still trying to get a maple 6ft bench but after about a year of checking daily for anything that can be shipped at $150 or less I've just about given up. These are pretty heavy too so shipping really drives up the price.

    1. Hey There,
      I was tracking this item on Searsoutlet, and saw that the price was dropping every few weeks and no one was buying it. I was surprised they had it in stock; sometimes outlet items are stored in the warehouse where no one shopping in the retail store can see it. I think this is what happened here because the warehouse guy was wondering if anyone would ever purchase this item...good luck!

  2. What did you track it under -- bamboo worktop, or just worktop?

    I've worked with Tung Oil (a while back). The kind I used was an "living" finish, taking a long time to cure -- where did you find tips that it was okay to cover it with polyurethane? I think it would kind of defeat the renewability of the finish, but would add to the durability I presume.

  3. Hey There Petra, type in "Craftsman Work Surface" in Searsoutlet and you will find all sorts of worktops from MDF, Stainless, Maple and Bamboo. Hopefully you will get lucky and find a good top (bamboo or maple) around your area. If there are any REAL good deals in the future I will purchase for other projects. $40 for a bamboo top was a steal - just look around at what other vendors are charging for bamboo counter surfaces...$$$!!! You can check Craigslist too - search for "butcher block" etc... Good luck!

    BTW, I wil def. use Tung oil and mineral oil for kitchen butcher blocks. I dont know if I want to polyurethane though. The tops that Gladiator makes are polyurethaned...I like the way they look right now...natural! :)