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Monday, September 10, 2012

Gearwall Trim: $3.54, or $1.77 per box after SYWR points.

I was tracking several boxes of Gearwall Trim on the Searsoutlet. If I waited for the price to drop 10% every few weeks,  knew I could get it REAL cheap because there is a lot of stock on clearance, and probably not a lot of demand for this item.

Original retail price is $59, however Sears sale price is $41. You can find this for varying prices on the internet however.

I couldnt justify paying more than a few dollars for the trim; like the end caps, it's only for looks!

1 box has six 10 foot long pieces. It just slides onto your gearwall. You may want to use a few small nails to secure it in place.

Although the clearance price is $5.93, I ended up paying $3.54 for 2 boxes after strategically using Sears Shop My Way Points.

Sears sale price: $41 x 2 = $82
Sears Clearance Price: $5.93 x 2 = $12

My final price: $3.54 for 2 boxes using about $9 in Sears points

$1.77 per box after SYWR redemption vs. $41

96% off retail price, using my SYWR points.

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