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Friday, October 14, 2011

2 Wall Gear Boxes: $42.50 each

I just got a Craigslist Wall Gear Box today for $85. Excellent condition, except for a small dinged corner which you will not see once it is hung.

From another Craigslist deal I got another Wall Gear Box FREE when I got the Tall Gear Box. (see old post). Now I have 2 Premier Boxes to go above my 8 foot bench.

2 Wall Gear Boxes for $85. Its almost like buying them for $42.50 a piece!
Retail: $99 Sears Sale price = $198.

57% off Sears Retail.

NOTE: I dont know if were ever going to see the $99 Wall Gear Box deal at Sears again. Prices for Gladaitor cabinets jumped by up to $50. This item was on 'sale' for $149 lately at Sears.

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