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Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Gear Wall: $26 for 2 panels...75% off!!!!

This was a great deal; Sears in San Jose had a lot of about 30 Gear Wall panel on clearance for $59.99 each. A box of Gear Panel contains two 1 foot x 8 foot sections of track wall (16 sq feet total).

On I tracked this item every month until it got down to $25.93, and then bought 7 packages. I also had $20 in Sears Shop My Way rewards points from getting an oil change at Sears - I used these points towards this purchase.

My parents live in the Bay Area, so it wasnt a hassle driving 30 miles to get the gear wall when I visited mom and dad. I wish I bought 2-3 more boxes. All I have to do is transport it back to the garage for installation.

If you read reviews on Amazon, this is a 5 star product. However the one thing people complain about is the price. Not me.

Stay tuned to see how I use it!

7 packages of Gear Wall = $700 retail.
Sears Clearance Price: $26 x 7 = $170 (approx. with tax and $20 off from Sears Points from the oil change).

76% off retail prices!! Im just as proud of this find as my $99.97 New In Box 8 foot workbench (see old post).

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