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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Premier Modular Gear Drawer $280.

Through Craigslist I stumbled across Overstocks and Deals in Sacramento. It is a small business and they deal with tools, some tool boxes and TVs. If I need a cordless drill or some power tools I'll definately go there because 1) many things are new, in box and 2) you cant beat the price.

This piece was brand new, in box. I immediately called the business and picked it up during my lunch hour.

I know, I tools are basic...sorry! Now that I have some storage I can collect some more tools...

The drawers are about 24 inches deep. A lot of toolboxes on the market are only 18 inches.

This is my first real toolchest. Before this I was storing my tools in toolbags, plastic boxes...

This piece is pretty hard to find used or clearance/outlet, and Im glad I finally found it.

It's damn heavy, lists at 157 lbs and took 2 people to get it into my CRV. This is an awesome tool chest.

If I can find it at this price again I'll definately buy 1 or 2 more to put under my 8 foot bench.

Craigslist Price: $280
Sears Sale Price: $350
Retail Price: $499
20% off Sears Sale Price
56% off Retail price


  1. Nice find! I found your blog a few months ago when first exploring Gladiator, and it's great to see what prices these can be had for (with patience and luck). Thanks for writing up your experiences!

  2. Thanks Petra! I think I have found most of the pieces I want for the garage. Now I will work on putting it all together. I want to finally post a pic of the entire garage when its all done. Then it will be time to start another blog on something else!

  3. I love the rolling tool chest on the first picture.

  4. I'm going on a similar witch-hunt thanks to your inspirational blog. I bought a house 2 years ago that has been begging for some cabinets & organization in the garage. Thankfully, I have a large storage area in the rafters that I think you lacked, but anyways.. I don't think I will be able to score the deal on that 8' modular work bench you did.. I'm going to start with a work bench or gearlocker(s). I'll keep my eyes out on searsoutlet everyday in my 30 mile radius.

  5. Hi Jordan, good luck finding stuff on craigslist and searsoutlet. Im over here in Northern California so its easy because its so populated. I have plenty to keep me busy however I still find myself looking....I found a $200 geardrawer in like new condition on craigslist Monday - the lady would sell it to me for $175. However we are saving for lots of things so Im totally bummed I cant take advantage of this deal! Best wishes and go get 'em!!!!

  6. Scored one of these yesterday at a Sears Outlet in Atlanta for $200. It was marked damaged but I couldn't see any and all the drawers work fine. It was missing the key but the salesperson said they would order one and have it shipped to me. Doesn't really matter though, I have a few. This is one heavy tool chest, getting it off the truck myself took some creativity.