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Sunday, March 27, 2011

2 Gladiator Project Caddies: $30 ebay, $8 Lowes

I really like this product.

When I first saw it online I didnt think too much of it; it is just the Gladiator towel holder with a bag mounted on it with hooks on the end.

It took a sale for me to buy it - bought it on ebay for $30, but Lowes was offering it on Clearance for 30-40 dollars too.  Dont know if its worth 70 dollars, but Im glad I got a good price on it and it looks great on my Gladiator track wall. I use the hooks separately. The hooks alone are worth around 8 dollars a piece.

Update: I bought another one at Lowes for $7.99 on clearance.  This was the floor model. Hooks included.  Thats 90% off original price!!!

Im keeping the tag on it. Check out the pic:

Retail price: $70x2 = $140

Ebay and Lowes clearance prices: $30 + $8 = $38, or 72% off retail price!


  1. I bought a couple of these at a Lowe's here in the Austin area for $19.99 each on clearance. There were a couple more and now they are on clearance for $39.99, that doesn't make sense. Good score!

  2. Yeah, the way Lowe's prices out clearance items is strange. I dont think a lot of clearance items are in their computer. One checkout person didnt find the Gladiator Bike Claw (clearance) on her computer and asked me what price it was - she looked at me like: "name your price..."

  3. Would you like to sell one of the Project Caddies?

    1. Sorry...they are actively being used right now! However if I ever run into a good deal, I'll tell you about it...