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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Welcome to Matt's Garage blog.

I started working on our garage after we bought a new home in Yolo County, California.

My wife and I spent alot of time choosing the design features of the house, so I wanted to spend some time making the garage look nice.

SAY...This Gladiator line looks pretty cool...but the stuff still costs too darn much. If you read the reviews, EVERYONE complains about the price of Gladiator products.

I made it a point to try to purchase everything second hand, or on sale.  For just a few minutes every morning before I start work I have been checking and Craigslist. After scoring a deal or two, it got addictive and the rest is history.

Almost everything I have bought has been more than 50% off Sears sale prices. Sometimes up to 80% off retail. I puchased one brand new item from Lowes for $90% off.

I have done pretty well, I think. It helps being in a largely populated area which gives you more chances of running into some deals, as well as picking up the merchandise in a convenient manner.

My favorite finds so far: 8 foot workbench ($99), Gear Wall ($26), Powerstrip ($48), stool ($45).  These items were brand new, in box.

Buying things at a severe discount has been fun. I hope this does inspire you to go out there and not settle for retail, or even Sears sale prices. It takes some patience, but I have been at this for only several months and have saved more than $2000 from retail, or even sale prices. Happy Hunting...

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