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Friday, April 8, 2011

Gladiator Stool: $40 New In Box

This stool gets good reviews and I have always wanted a chrome double ringed stool.

$100 is too much for the stool, even at Sears sale prices.  I want the I just waited....

Through Craigslist, I found this man in Sacramento who buys lots of items from Sears closeouts/closing stores/warranty items. He sells most of his stuff at flea markets. He gets Gladiator items on occasion and offered this to me.

I was purchasing the Ball Caddy for $15 and the Craigslist seller said..."Oh...I also have the stool"

Boy did he make my day...

Retail Price: about $100
Craigslist price: $45

Savings: more than 50% off!

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