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Monday, March 14, 2011

Gear Cabinet/Wall Cabinet ($150 for both used) and Gear Locker ($208 new)

This was a great Craigslist find. A man in the Bay Area sold a Premiere Gear Cabinet and Wall Cabinet together for $150. Both were in REAL good condition. Just some specks of paint on the Gear Cabinet.I have not hung the wall cabinet up yet but will sometime soon...

 I hung the Gear Cabinet and a Gear Locker

Gear Cabinet
Sears Sale price: $279
My price: $150 used PLUS a free Premier Wall Cabinet

Gear Locker: $208 at Sears. I dont know why it rung up this cheap, but the guy at the Hometown Sears sold me a brand new, in box Gear Locker for a great price. I had to jump on it.

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