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Thursday, March 10, 2011

NEW Gladiator Powerstrip: $29 Sears + shipping = $48

I purchased the Gladiator Powerstrip from for $29. The item was located in Tennessee. Being out here in California, I was bummed that searsoutlet. states that it does not ship. However, I decided to call the store and the manager said that they would ship the item UPS to me. I am still surprised I bought this item for $29, brand new, in box.

The switch on the strip has a rubber boot for protection against moisture. This is a very nice touch...

The powerstrip is a heavy duty item with some heft...

The sides can be added on with small screws that must be tight when installed. It doubles as a tool caddy...

This is a cool item and almost a must if you have either the 6 or 8 foot bench!

Sears sale price: $124.

$29 plus $15 shipping plus tax = $48 total.
 Savings: $76, or 61% off Sears sale price!


  1. Glad to see you got one cheap too!, they are really nice.

  2. I don't suppose this fits the 66.5" workbench. Powerstrip says 6 to 8 ft so I'm assuming there's some undesired overhang. Kind of a bummer.

    1. Yeah, bummer. The strip without the caddies is exactly 6 feet long, which would provide extra hang over that 66.5 foot bench. However, there are some other attractive powerstrips out there too. Best of luck!

  3. Nice setup, just ordered the same! (nothing Gladiator available at, bummer). Thanks for the tips.

    1. Thanks! This has turned into a pretty fun hobby...