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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scoop Hooks $1.04

I stopped by Lowes today to find some Gladiator Clearance items. I picked up Scoop hooks for only $1.04, so I bought five. I'll stop by Lowes at least once a week to see what items are on Clearance. It looks like Lowes is getting rid of Gladiator for their own Kobalt Line. How sad. I guess I'll be going to Sears from now on...


  1. Have you heard or seen it said that Lowe's will no longer be carrying Gladiator? That would suck if they do, there are already limited avenues to buy this stuff other than the occassional mom & pop stores.

  2. If you check out you will see that Gladiator at Lowes is at Clearance prices for many items...just not all at once. Also, Lowes is hightly touting their new garage storage line, with cabinets and tracks (looks pretty cool). Just by going off of this info, Lowes is probably closing out Gladiator, or just scaling it down drastically. At my Lowes, they moved the Gladiator display to a much smaller, barely noticable section and put up the new Kobalt line.

  3. Matt, your blog has inspired me. The only bad thing is that I am not as patient as you and have now spent a ton of dough on my garage. The only saving grace is my Whirlpool VIP membership which has saved me a bit and tracking the Lowes deals on SD> (you may have seen my comments and Gladiator posts.
    I suggest you do a search on the VIP membership and find a group that may have posted a code online so you can get the discounts. Not as much as clearance prices but still good. Example: Clean-up caddy 13.25, RTA modular gear box $110.50, 4x30" shelves $123. Plus free shipping for most items and for the larger you can find a local distributor for pickup. I ordered the gearwall and had to pick that up to make the deal worth it.
    The biggest perk was when I needed to order the mounting brackets for a 30" wall cabinet from Gladiator. Even with the dude giving me a discount it was $44 shipped for the two brackets. After he saw I was a Whirlpool VIP member it went to $18 shipped. The Nuts, washers, and bolts were and additional $4 each so that would have been $36 which I was going to tell him to forget about it I would go to Lowes and find some, but he said they had some in the office and sent them to me free of charge. So even though the product is expensive I still feel good ordering it after my experience with their customer service.

    1. Hey Sully78 thanks a bunch. This silly blog came about by just horsing around and having a new house to fill up with stuff...

      I will try to find a VIP code...I looked around, one code was not working...but if you get a VIP membership its definately going to save some $$$ of GW and Whirlpool stuff! $18 for brackets...I think thats what I paid after shipping on sears outlet. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Same thing at all the Lowes in the Corpus Christi, TX area...for a few years I've been piecing together Gladiator pieces for my garage.

    I also found a bunch of stuff that Lowes donated to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore today as well :)

  5. YEah...I dont know what the deal is with Lowe's and their Gladiator inventory....worth visiting once in a while to see whats on clearance...Ive never been to Habitat for Humanity's store...I should check if theres one in the Sacramento area! thanks