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Sunday, June 17, 2012

RTA Casters: $20 Lowes Clearance

I purchased RTA Casters for $20. I bought 2 boxes. There are 4 casters in each box.  I wish I could have waited for the price to drop some more; some folks on saw them for only $10 at Lowes. I had to swipe these at $20 because they were the only ones left.

The casters make the RTA units seem more sturdy. Before this, they were beneath my 8 foot bench; they seemed flimsy with the stationary feet, so much that I was considering selling them. Now I will keep them for as long as they'll last!!!!

With the wheels they dont fit under the bench anymore; however,  I still highly recommend these if you have the RTA cabs. During assembly you do have to remove the bottom panel and flip it for the casters to fit.

 Even at $20 I wish I found these for less!

Now that the mobile units can be placed anywhere in my garage, I can play around with configurations. I think I'll keep it this way. It's hot outside: 100+ degrees in Yolo County, CA!!!

RTA Casters retail price on sale: usually around $38-40.
Lowes Clearance Price: $20.
Approx. 50% off retail sale prices.


  1. Thanks for mentioning that the cabinets don't fit under the workbench with the casters on! I was debating whether to buy the bench and cabs so I could set them up with the cabs pulling out as extra workspace. Guess I'm back to the original plan of putting the Gladiator casters on my own cabinets and building a workbench to slide them under. Luckily I was one of those who picked up the caster sets from Lowes at around $9 per set :-)

  2. Hey Petra

    The RTA cabinets will fit under the Gladiator Bamboo Workbenches, not the premiere benches! The bamboo benches seem real nice and seem to have a better retail price...check them out on the GW website...