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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2 boxes of Gladiator Tile: $65, $70 each.

I just purchased 2 boxes of Gladiator tile from an auction house at $135 total. The auctioneer, Larry, sold me one box for $65 from ebay (no shipping - the warehouse was on my way to work!), and another for $70 when I picked up the items.

You'll never know what these tiles will be like until you actually see them in person. They are HIGH quality, look great and when new, have a nice sheen.  I also have some RaceDeck samples; Gladiator tiles are 100% compatible (although different tread pattern) with RaceDeck tiles. I guess they are made by the same manufacturer (RaceDeck).

Awesome, awesome product.

Retail (sale) prices: $180+ for 48 tiles
My price: $70 for 48 tiles = 60%+ off retail prices.

I just have to purchase 6 more boxes somehow.

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