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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gladiator Tile Edging: $1.75 with SYWR points

I bought my first box of tile edging with about $9 in Sears points. I got $5 of these points from buying $10 in Mothers Day cards at Kmart. Made mom and wife happy. :) Original price: about $10.50. Final price: $1.75!!!

The edging fits very well and will make your floor look sharp. I just need 3 more boxes for the front of my garage.

 It took less than a minute to install with a rubber mallet.

If I decide to make one huge parking pad instead of wall-to-wall tile, I'll have to use a lot of edging, however it will cut down on the total cost. Im undecided yet. However I am always running into SWYR points.....


  1. Hi Matt, I like you posts and I have a same work bench. Do you have a vise mounted on somewhere? I want to mount it on my workbench but I really dont' want to drill holes on the surface.

    1. Hi, I dont have a vise. THat would be nice when Im done with installing gearwall above my bench which I will finish this summer.